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Electricians TAS Electrical & Security offer a range of services from small repair and maintenance work through to installing power in gardens and out buildings and complete house rewires. We have highly competitive prices and friendly, tidy, reliable operatives

Electrical Services

  • Installing light fittings
  • Installing fans
  • Replacing light switches
  • Installing extra sockets
  • Emergency repairs
  • Replacing electrical cables
  • Inspection and testing
  • Installing new circuits
  • Garden and pond lighting
  • Power to sheds out buildings
  • Replacing consumer units
  • Complete house rewires
Electrical Maintenance Services
Emergency Call Out
Periodic Inspection & Testing
Regular inspection and testing of electrical installations is an important aspect of electrical safety. It is now a requirement of the 17th edition of the IEE Regulations that the installer of an electrical installation must tell the user of the need for a periodic test and when that test should take place. Periodic Testing and Inspection of electrical installations is necessary for the prevention of damage from wear and tear, excessive loading, environmental influences and ageing. Installations must be maintained in a safe condition and periodical testing of your electrical circuits may be required by your insurance company, landlord or mortgage company. Our inspectors are qualified electricians affiliated to a recognised competent person scheme.
House Rewire (All trade service if required)
If you have been told by a surveyor that you need to rewire your home, we offer a flexible solution to ensure that the standards set out in Part P of the Building Regulations and BS 7671 are met. We can help by offering a rewire service that combines the main service provided by the electricians with that of joiners, plasterers and other tradesmen so that the inconvenience of the rewire project is kept to a minimum.


Types of door entry and access control systems
  • Single Phone
  • Multi Phone
  • Audio Access
  • Video Access
  • Logged Entry Systems
  • Card Entry Systems
  • Flats
  • Houses
  • Electric Gates
  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Schools

Access Control Systems

In place, efficient and fool-proof access control systems are absolutely essential. They serve as a secure way of controlling and also monitoring access to your premises. We can install and maintain a wide variety of access control systems

Access Control Installer

We take pride in the fact that we are among the most reliable and professional companies in the security industry. We use only the highest quality equipment to ensure reliability and cusJacker satisfaction. We can advise on all types of access control systems

Door Entry Systems

We install and maintain quality door entry systems, taken care by skilled, reliable and experienced installers. All of the systems we use are reliability based so are cost effective long term. We are available to offer advice on many types of door entry systems


Types of Burglar Alarm systems

The most recent British Crime Survey data published last month showed that the number of domestic burglaries in England and Wales has fallen dramatically in recent years - from 1.7m in 1996 to 729,000 in 2007/08. But that downward trend is likely to be reversed if the UK economy sinks into a recession, with government officials predicting that the economic slowdown will lead to "upward pressure" on levels of property crime. source: The Guardian 2008

Bells only Burglar Alarm

A bells-only alarm, known as an audible-only alarm, simply makes a load noise when it is triggered. A bells-only alarm may deter intruders and alert your neighbours when it goes off, but on its own won't generate a police response

Speech Dialer Burglar Alarm

A speech dialer is a cheaper alternative to a monitored system. This is a device that can be connected to an alarm, or may already be built into the control panel. If there is a break-in, the speech dialer auJackatically calls the phone numbers that have been programmed in and leaves a pre-recorded message.


Types of CCTV systems
  • Single Camera
  • Multi Camera
  • Audio Camera
  • Movement Activated Cameras
  • Night Vision Cameras
  • Pan Tilt & Zoom Cameras
  • CCTV Telemetry and IP Networks
  • Digital CCTV Systems
  • Digital CCTV Integration
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Internet Monitoring
  • Network Design and Installation
  • Flats
  • Houses
  • Electric Gates
  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Business


TAS Security is a professional company widely experienced in the installation and maintenance of CCTV systems. We are able to fully design a system to your specific requirements, tailor made to suit your application and budget. The company prides itself in using only the highest quality equipment to ensure reliability and cusJacker satisfaction.

CCTV has been successful in playing a part in convicting criminals for theft and vandalism, and provides crucial evidence in a court of law, which can assist with asset recovery therefore proving cost affective.

We are also experienced in covert & discrete systems where cameras can be hidden in a variety of everyday fittings i.e. light fittings, clocks etc. virtually invisible to the naked eye.

From a single camera to a fully networked system TAS Security can provide the service.


If there is an emergency in your workplace, have you considered whether there is adequate lighting to enable people to safely escape?

In the event of a fire on your work premises, your normal lighting system could fail and plunge the building into darkness. Anyone inside the building could struggle to get out.

As an employer, you have a legal duty to carry out a fire risk assessment and part of this involves taking a look into your emergency lighting requirements.

How do I know if my workplace needs emergency lighting?

You may not need emergency lighting if:

  • Your premises are never occupied during the hours of darkness and you have adequate natural light coming through the windows.
  • Your workplace is used at night but there is sufficient street lighting outside which shines through the windows.
  • You are based in a small building and have rechargeable torches strategically placed around the premises.

However, if your premises have complicated escape routes, staircases or members of the public are on site regularly then you must look at your emergency lighting requirements. If escape routes and exits require artificial lighting, you should consider the need for an electrical emergency lighting system.

What should emergency escape lighting do? 

  • Indicate escape routes clearly.
  • Provide illumination along escape routes to allow safe movement towards the final exits.
  • Ensure that the fire alarm call points and firefighting equipment can be quickly and easily located.

Where should you put emergency lighting units?

  • At the intersection of corridors
  • At each exit door
  • Near to each staircase so that each flight of stairs receives direct light
  • Close to each change in floor level
  • Outside each final exit
  • Within lift cars
  • Near firefighting equipment
  • Near fire alarm call points.

If your risk assessment determines that an emergency lighting system is required then that system should be designed and installed in accordance with British Standard 5266 Part 1 or an equivalent standard.

Emergency lighting systems can be maintained (i.e. illuminated all the time), which is only required in licensed premises, or non-maintained (i.e. only illuminated when normal power fails).

 Testing and maintenance plan

  • Daily – a responsible person should check all lamps in maintained systems are working
  • Monthly – the system should be tested by turning off the power supply or using a test switch if provided for a maximum period amounting to 25% of the rated time.
  • Every six months – test the system by interrupting the power supply for an hour (on a three hour rated system) and test the generators.
  • Every three years – test the system for the full working duration.

Further guidance is available by downloading the appropriate guidance document form for your premises at www.firesafetyguides.communities.gov.uk .


Conventional fire alarm systems

These systems locate fire on a zonal basis to enable you to pinpoint the floor or area where the detector or call point has been activated.

2 Wire fire alarm systems

These systems also locate fire on a zonal basis but each detector or break glass point can have a sounder built into it, meaning there is no need to have the red sounder on the wall.

Addressable fire alarm systems

These systems have an LCD display so that in the event of an activation the exact device location is shown and advanced programming can be installed

Wireless fire alarm systems

Apart from the main control panel, the rest of the system is totally wireless.All devices are fitted with lithium cell batteries with an expected life of two years depending on the amount of activations.

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